Why Buy a Jayman? Gold Key Service

Gold Key Service

Home Maintenance for Life

  • Peace of mind for every homeowner.

Jayman BUILT designed and built your home – no one knows it better. Jayman Gold Key Maintenance for Life helps to protect your biggest investment with a convenient program delivered by the experts who already know your home. An advisor will provide preventative maintenance at their annual visit, ensuring the efficiency of your home systems, supporting your warranty and providing an historical record of all work completed on your home, offering peace of mind now and for years to come.

Home Maintenance Simplified

128 Point Inspection


Review of Alberta New Home Warranty Program

Review ANHWP guide.

Provide full annual home maintenance report

Provided by Jayman BUILT representative.

A Jayman BUILT Representative will complete the following inspection and maintenance on your home:


Tagged Mechanical Review

Review of tagged mechanical items so you are aware of location of shutoffs in case of an emergency.

Mechanical System Controls

Review operation of Thermostat, HRV Controller and Humidistat to ensure mechanical systems are operating optimally and humidity levels are properly maintained.


Review of AFCI and GFCI operation to ensure proper operation in the event of an electrical safety risk.

Furnace & Filter

Change furnace filter to ensure proper air quality and adequate air flow of furnace. Check manuals in place, check flame sensor, check igniter, check pressure tube and pressure switch, clean condensate trap, check blower motor, vacuum inside of furnace area, clean exterior, inspect venting and check dampers opening and closing properly.


Clean and/or change filter to ensure calcium build up does not prevent humidifier from operating correctly. Vacuum inside humidifier, adjust damper for season, check drain discharge line for calcium build up and check waterline and shut off.

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater

Flush system, clean internal filters and screens to ensure calcium build up does not affect operation and lifespan of tankless hot water heater. Review temperature and switch settings, check switch and recirculating line and venting.

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Clean two screen filters, intake screen, HRV core and inspect venting.

Air Conditioning (If Applicable)

Clear drain and check outside unit and advise if service required to ensure proper operation of air conditioning.

Electrical Panel

Review electrical panel, Test AFCI Breakers.


Visual inspection of solar panels, check remote monitoring app for functionality, check output system and panel output on the app and review location of solar breaker on panel.


Educate homeowner on possible use of Radon rough-in.

Sump pump

Inspect float, clean debris and test pump.


Inspect floor for cracks and caulk as required, check telepost and ensure proper tension, inspect rim joist insulation and vapour barrier mechanical penetrations.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Supply and change batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors to ensure proper operation of battery backup.

  • Exterior

Attic Inspection

Check hatch has proper weather-stripping seal and replace as required, visual inspection of insulation levels and check for water or air leaks.


Check auto close hinges work properly and adjust as required, lubricate overhead garage door, check condition of weather strip and bottom rubber, check safety release, lubricate rollers, hinges and springs, check photo eye sensor and check foundation for cracks.


Check foundation for settlement cracks, check for subsidence of grade around foundation and ponding water and advise corrective action, check all vents, furnace, HWT, HRV and fireplace ensuring clear and properly sealed around wall penetrations, check roof gutter downspouts for blockages and recommend action, check proper placement of downspout extensions.

  • Interior Finishing

Extensive inspection and maintenance for Kitchen appliances, sinks and faucets, cabinets and counter tops, bathroom, fireplace, laundry room and bedrooms. Please review detailed 128-Point inspection checklist for details. Please consult your Sales Representative to review the detailed Jayman Gold Key Service 128 Point Inspection Checklist.

$375* for your 1st year

$750* for each subsequent year

Includes 24 Hour Emergency Dispatch


Email: cgyservice@jayman.com
Phone: 403.258.3772

Email: edmonton.service@jayman.com
Phone: 780.481.6666

*Subject to change